Sunday, 9 December 2012

Australian Parachute Team final results

After nine incredible days of skydiving, Australia’s 2012 World Parachuting Championships campaign has come to an end. We give the rundown on the fantastic results our teams have achieved during the Mondial...

"Velocita" FS 8-Way Open Team
In a very close contest, “Velocita” finished in 11th place after eight rounds, just one point and one place behind progressing rival team Qatar. The team finished the event with a 10.25 point average, more than a point higher than their Nationals average.

“Valkyries” Women’s FS 4-Way Team
In their debut performance at a World Parachuting Championships event, our women’s team performed incredibly well, placing ninth overall in a field of 14 competitors. They improved their Nationals average of 10.7 to an impressive 13.4 points and managed to score 19 points in time on their final jump.

“Rotor Out” FS 4-Way Open Team
Steph Vaughan, Craig Vaughan, Gary Nemirovsky, George Attard and Palle Nygren  finished ninth overall in a field of 38 teams, placing them in the top 25% of FS competitors in the world. They also managed to set a new Australian record on their final jump – 28 points in time – and improve their round average from 17 to 19.3 points in time.

“The Addicted” VFS Team
Our VFS team ended their event in seventh place in a field of nine teams. They equalled their current Australian record of 11 points in time during their second round of competition and improved their Nationals round average of 6 to 6.63 points in time.

“Ookoonono” CF 2-Way Sequential Team
Jules McConnel, Michael Vaughan and Craig Bennett took home a bronze medal for Australia as well as a new Australian record with the achievement of 27 points in time on their sixth round jump. The medal is the first the trio have won together at a WPC event.

“CHAPS” CF 2-Way Sequential Team
Richie Dronow, Scott Brown and Carl Jefferis finished 17th out of 23 teams. In their WPC debut, the trio improved their Nationals average of 3.38 to 5.63 points in time.

“K4” CF 4-Way Sequential Team
Our only CF 4-Way Sequential team had a tough draw competing against Russia, the USA and France. They finished in fourth place but managed to achieve a team best on their sixth round jump with the achievement of 4 points in time.

“WD40” AE: Freestyle Team
Amandine Genin and Wade Edwards finished in 10th place out of a field of 12 world teams. The pair improved their Nationals average of 2.4 to 4.2 points per round at the WPC.

Canopy Piloting
Andy Woolf was our top placed Aussie, finishing in the top 8% of competitors with an overall placing of 10th in a field of 129 competitors with a score of 684.509. He also came 7th in Distance, 16th in Speed and 32nd in Accuracy.

Other Australian results include:
•    Ben Lewis: 21st overall, 49th Accuracy, 33rd Distance, 22nd Speed
•    Keven Walters: 34th overall, 7th in Accuracy, 74th Distance, 46th Speed
•    Drew Lipinski: 51st overall, 58th Accuracy, 60th Distance, 33rd Speed
•    Robbie McMillan: 53rd overall, 61st Accuracy, 50th Distance, 60th Speed
•    Dan Smith: 72nd overall, 46th Accuracy, 101st Distance, 68th Speed
•    Rob Verner: 73rd overall, 39th Accuracy, 85th Distance, 105th Speed
•    Gary Hamilton: 87th overall, 108th Accuracy, 20th Distance, 108th Speed

Individual Accuracy Landing
Tibor Glesk was our top Australian competitor, placing 115th from 199 competitors with a score of 028cm after eight rounds. Our other Accuracy results were: Dave Boulter (150th, 044cm), Mark Edwards (174th, 057cm), Mike Dyer (158th, 048cm) and Andy Pike (179rd, 068cm). In the Women’s event, Janine Hayes placed 68th with a score of 053cm over seven rounds. In the Team Accuracy event, Australia placed 32nd out of 39 teams.

Freefall Style
Once again, Tibor Glesk was the lead Australian in 46th place. Mike Dyer was next in 57th position, followed by Mark Edwards (69th), Dave Boulter (71st) and Andy Pike (72nd). Janine Hayes was ranked 38th in the women’s event.

IPC President Graeme Windsor placed in the top 50% of competitors, coming in at 26th in the Para-Ski demonstration event.

Congratulations to all the competitors on their achievements and a big thank you to all the Australian support team who helped them get there, including Aussie Judges Peta Holmes, Ray Williams and Lindy Rochow-Williams; Team Managers Kyle Binning, Erica Tadokoro, Faye Cox, Sharney Perrow and Amy McDermott; HoD Lisa Perdichizzi; and Coaches Brad Turner and Ronnie Perry.

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