Tuesday, 4 December 2012 by APF

Andy Woolf sets new Australian CP distance record

Canopy Piloting team member Andy Woolf has pulled off a stunning second round swoop in the canopy piloting distance event to secure a new Australian record and the chance to win Australia’s first WPC medal.

During yesterday’s competition, Mr Woolf managed to fly his canopy a total of 149.84m, eclipsing Australia’s previous record of 94.70m set by Brad Jones earlier this year.

Mr Woolf said he was thrilled with the score he had achieved:

“On that last distance jump it felt like I was flying forever and ever – just awesome. When my result finally came up on the score board I was so relieved. I was really worried that I might have missed the first gate and that my jump would be disqualified. Beating Curtis Bartholemew [2012 WPC Speed and Accuracy champion] was also a great feeling!”

Modest to a fault, Mr Woolf said canopy piloting was his discipline of choice because he “wasn’t half bad at it” and it still managed to give him a rush:

“I like the thrill of being under canopy more than I do being in freefall. Not too many things still give me the shakes but Canopy Piloting is one of them. On that last jump [Australian distance record] I actually thought I might have come in too low but I managed to pull out of it. Sometimes it’s not a bad thing being in the corner because you generate more speed. You just don’t want to be too low.”

Currently in 5th place with a total score of 169.169, Mr Woolf’s jump has put him in medal contention for distance with the final round to be contested today or tomorrow, making for an exciting end to the Canopy Piloting event for the Australian contingency. However, Mr Woolf remained nonchalant about his chances:

“I’m about 15 points behind the current bronze medallist – Curtis Bartholomew from the US – so fingers crossed I have a really good final round and the others competitors don’t do so well. Last time I competed here at the DIPC in 2011 I came in 47th overall so I’m doing a lot better this year. I’m happy.”

The Canopy Piloting Distance and Overall winners will be announced in the coming days.

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