WPC Schedule

The WPC mondial will run according to the following competition schedule:

25th November 2012 (Sunday):
Arrival Chief-/Event Judges, Jury, FAI Controller, IPC Controller J/S.

26th November 2012 (Monday):
Arrival Judges, Orientation/Training jumps.

27/28th November 2012 (Tuesday/Wednesday):
Judges Seminar, Orientation/Training jumps.

28th November 2012 (Wednesday):
Official Arrival of Delegations with Registration, Orientation/Training jumps.

29th November 2012 (Thursday):
Orientation/Training jumps, continuing Registration, possibly commencement of competition jumps after completion of the orientation training jumps but not earlier than 11:00 AM. A Technical Meeting to be attended by Heads of Delegation, Team Managers and Judges will be held at a time and location to be advised.

30th November 2012 (Friday):
Start/continuation competition jumps, first take off 08:00 AM, Opening Ceremony in the evening.

1st/2nd December 2012 (Saturday/Sunday):
Continuation competition jumps.
Note: 2nd December 2012 is a National holiday in UAE (Independence Day)

3rd December 2012 (Monday):
Continuation competition jumps, training Para Ski Individual Skiing (giant slalom).

4th December 2012 (Tuesday):
Continuation competition jumps, Para Ski Individual Skiing Races (4 runs).

5th-8th December 2012 (Wednesday to Saturday):
Competition each day.
Competition ceases on 8th December at 14:00h (last take off).
Thereafter the Closing Ceremony, final Award Presentation and Farewell Dinner will take place.

9th December 2012 (Sunday):
Departure of Delegations.