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Canopy Piloting Team Results

Andy Woolf Andy Woolf Susan Bostock

The Canopy Piloting Championships has now concluded with some pleasing results from the Australian contingency.

Andy Woolf was our top placed Aussie, finishing in the top 8% of competitors with an overall placing of 10th in a field of 129 competitors with a score of 684.509. He also came 7th in Distance, 16th in Speed and 32nd in Accuracy.

Other Australian results include:

  • Ben Lewis: 21st overall, 49th Accuracy, 33rd Distance, 22nd Speed
  • Keven Walters: 34th overall, 7th in Accuracy, 74th Distance, 46th Speed
  • Drew Lipinski: 51st overall, 58th Accuracy, 60th Distance, 33rd Speed
  • Robbie McMillan: 53rd overall, 61st Accuracy, 50th Distance, 60th Speed
  • Dan Smith: 72nd overall, 46th Accuracy, 101st Distance, 68th Speed
  • Rob Verner: 73rd overall, 39th Accuracy, 85th Distance, 105th Speed
  • Gary Hamilton: 87th overall, 108th Accuracy, 20th Distance, 108th Speed

The Championship title this year was taken out by the USA's Curtis Bartholemew, followed by Nicholas Batsch (2nd, USA) and Pablo Hernandez Moll (3rd, Spain).

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