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Australia’s Formation Skydiving teams have made a solid start to their World Parachuting Championships campaign, with consistent performances across the respective events over the past two days.

Top-rated Channel Seven public affairs program “Sunday Night” is currently producing a feature story on the Australian Parachute Team’s World Parachuting Championships campaign.

Picton's Michael Vaughan has spent 17 years in the sky, fallen from a plane 10,000 times and is now hoping to turn his parachuting passion into a world title.

If you’re out anywhere near Moruya Airport over the next few weeks and notice three people falling from the sky, don’t be alarmed. If anything, you should probably cheer for them as it will most likely be "Ookoonono" Australian CF 2-Way Sequential team performing one of several practice jumps ahead of the World Parachuting Championships in Dubai.

Australian Parachute Team and World No. 2 ranked CF 2-Way Sequential athletes Michael Vaughan, Jules McConnel and Craig Bennett are currently competing at the US National Skydiving Championships at Skydive Arizona.