Janine Hayes

Follow the journey of Australia's top-ranked Accuracy Landing competitor.

  • Ookoonono…Bronze medallists.

    Over a year ago
  • J9 Round 8 …5cms

    Over a year ago
  • Comp Completed...

    Had the last round of the Women’s accuracy in great conditions…light winds…beautiful approach really enjoyed the jump…surprised with a 5cm…but happy with the steady approach.

    It’s now all over for me…mixed meet with some good jumps and some not so good.

    Thanks to Faye for her support as Team Manager to the rest of the Aussie contingent and to the men’s team.  It was great to be part of such a nice International team with Dana Canada, Esther Great Britain and Svetlana Serbia.

    Congrats to Graeme for doing so well in the Accuracy and in the paraski.

    Will regroup and think about my training plans for the next two years.

    It will be great to watch the medal ceremony tonight with the Crew team receiving a bronze.

    Thanks to the APF for the support.

    Over a year ago
  • A day of waiting...

    Spent the day at the DZ waiting for the winds to ease to finish the eighth round.   The siki load had mixed fortunes in the wind with one jumper landing in the water so jumping was on hold till later in the day.  After 4 tries at jumping we were stood down.

    After the wind settled in the afternoon the men’s have finished the team accuracy with the Hungarian men in a jump off for the bronze medal  with the Chinese team.  The Slovenian team had taken the gold on the last round the day before when the Russians scored higher.

    So after a swim with the Canadians, some socialising with the American girls, we had a medal ceremony for the CP, artistic and paraski events, then back to the hotel.

    Over a year ago
  • Over a year ago