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  • Hi Everyone,

    The NSW Canopy Piloting Championships have been held over the weekend at Sydney Skydivers. As with a lot of Swoop Meets we had to tolerate a lot of rain and wind. However we did get a chance to complete 5 rounds on Sunday. For a full list of Results please checkout

    If you’d like to check out some of the highlights, then please click on the video above. Thanks to all the volunteer Camera people. There will be photos and a full wrap up to follow. 

    A huge Thanks goes out to

    Phil and the Team at Sydney skydivers for looking after us.

    The team of Judges led by Sophia.

    Meet Director Jonny Mac

    Michael Vaughan and Gabrielle for their efforts setting up and maintaining the course.

    Enjoy :-)

    Over a year ago
  • Aussie Canopy Piloting Team Training Camp 2012.

    G’day Everyone,

    Welcome to the Aussie Canopy Piloting Teams Blog. Over the next few weeks we’ll be uploading photo’s, video’s and written accounts of our adventures leading up to the 2012 Dubai Mondial. So check back regularly for updates.

    Four of the Aussie Swoop Team, Ben Lewis, Andrew ‘Angry’ Woolf, Kevvy ‘Kapow’ Walters and Robbie McMillan have just completed a training camp at the Funny Farm in Outback Queensland. We had mostly awesome weather (it never rains at the farm :-)) for the whole week and each did approx 60 jumps over the entire week. We were joined by Glenn Farrell and Max Manow who also were working hard on their training getting ready for the upcoming NSW State Meet (Oct 6,7) 

    Everyone had a great week and improved their techniques a lot. Some tricky winds on a couple of the days meant that we were able to do a few flocking jumps at altitude to improve our flying skills. They are also a lot of fun.

    A huge thanks to our Pilot Col Baty and especially our Hosts the Mulckey Family (Brett, Tiz, John and Elaine) for looking after us so well during the week.

    So we’ve posted a few photo’s from the camp, that we hope you like.

    The NSW State Meet is on this weekend so we’ll have a full wrap up early next week with some more great photos, so be sure to check back in soon.

    Robbie checking out his Petra 86

    Ben enjoying the sunset and his 5 minutes away from the Flies (They were getting very abundant before theend of the camp)

    Kevvy Kapow Running Distance.

    angry looking very stylish on his new Petra 82.

    Very Happy Swoopers at  the end of the camp, 

    From Top Left. Angry, Kevvy, Max,

    Bottom Left, Col Baty (Pilot), Robbie, Glenn and Ben.

    Over a year ago