Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing

Freefall Style and Accuracy Landings are the two oldest competitive disciplines in the IPC calendar; and are known colloquially as "the Classics."

Accuracy Landing tests competitors on their ability to land as close as possible to a target over a number of competitive rounds.  The competitor who scores the lowest number of points is the winner.

Competitors jump in teams of five, exiting the aircraft at 1000 meters and opening their parachutes sequentially to allow each competitor a clear approach to the 5m landing tuffet (a deep foam mattress or air-filled landing pad similar to that used in pole-vaulting and high jump) which sits inside a larger 20m radius target area. Competitors aim to land in the middle of the tuffet on a 2cm dead centre disc. For scoring purposes, an electronic recording pad measures competitors’ first point of contact on the tuffet in 1cm increments up to 16cms. Competitors who land on the dead centre disc are awarded a perfect score of 0.00. Higher scores reflect the distance that the competitor landed away from the dead centre disk.

Individual scores count for both the individual and team competitions. For the team event the maximum number of rounds is eight, with a minimum number of five required to qualify for the event. In the individual competition, after eight rounds the top 25% jump a semi-final round, and the top 50% proceed to the final round.

Freefall Style tests competitors on their ability to perform a pre-determined series of gymnastic back-loops and turns as quickly and cleanly as possible, as well as control in freefall. The performance is judged from video footage recording taken by a ground based camera with an exceptional lens.

Competitors exit the aircraft at 2200m and gather speed in their fall position before starting the pre-designated series of manoeuvres. They are timed from the start of the manoeuvre until its completion.  The maximum time scored is 16 seconds.  The score is the time in seconds and hundredths of a second to complete the series plus penalty times awarded for incorrect performance of the manoeuvres.

For the first two rounds (competitive jumps) competitors who have scored above the default time for that round are eliminated from the competition.  At the end of the third round there is a 50% cut for the fourth round and again only 50% qualify for the fifth and final round.  The competitor with the lowest cumulative time is declared the winner.

Male and Female World Champions are declared in both Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing. An “Overall” Champion is also declared for the competitor and team that displays exceptional abilities in both events.


Meet the Team Behind the Team

Lisa Perdichizzi - HoD Lisa Perdichizzi - HoD

The 2012 Australian Parachute Team will be led by Australian Parachute Federation Director of Competitions Lisa Perdichizzi. Lisa has been involved in the competitions scene for the past 12 years and has completed over 3000 jumps.

Faye Cox - Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing TM Faye Cox - Freefall Style & Accuracy Landing TM

Faye Cox will lend her significant experience as a skydiving competitor and administrator to the Australian Parachute Team in her role as Team Manager of the Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing teams. 

Erica Tadokoro - VFS TM Erica Tadokoro - VFS TM

Former Australian VFS Champion and vertical formation world record holder Erica Tadokoro will provide support to skydivers on the Australian Parachute Team selected to compete in VFS.

Kyle Binning - FS TM Kyle Binning - FS TM

Former HoD to the Australian Parachute Team, Kyle Binning, will provide assistance to athletes competing in Formation Skydiving events at the WPC.

Sharney Perrow - CP, FFS & AL TM Sharney Perrow - CP, FFS & AL TM

Sharney Perrow will be acting Team Manager for Canopy Piloting, and Freefall Style and Accuracy Landing competitors.

Amy McDermott - CF and AE TM Amy McDermott - CF and AE TM

Amy McDermott will provide assistance to athletes competing in the disciplines of Canopy Formation and Artistic Event: Freestyle Skydiving.

Brad Turner - National Coach Brad Turner - National Coach

Australian Parachute Federation CEO and National Coach, Brad Turner, will provide support to athletes in his role as Coach to the Australian Parachute Team.

Stephanie Campbell - Team Media Representative Stephanie Campbell - Team Media Representative

National Development Officer to the Australian Parachute Federation, Stephanie Campbell, will be acting Media Representative for the Team.

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