Formation Skydiving (FS) 4 way

Craig Vaughan

Craig Vaughan

Fast Facts
Name: Craig Vaughan
Nickname: Craig
Age at WPC: 42
Born: Melbourne, Australia
Lives: Melbourne, Australia
No. years in sport: 21
Canopy: JVX 90
Team name: Rotor Out
Event(s): 4 way FS

WPC Standing
9th World Cup. Saarlouis, Germany 2011

Recent Performances
2011 - 9th World Cup, FS 4-Way
2012 – 1st Australian Nationals, FS 4-Way

Career Highlights
Winning the 2012 Australian Nationals, and competing at the 2004 WPC in Croatia and the 2006 WPC in Germany.

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
For "Rotor Out" to do a PB.

Years on Australian Parachute Team
4 years

Primary Training Base
Bridgewater, Victoria

Skydiving Club
Bridgewater and Nagambie