Style & Accuracy Landing

Janine Hayes

Janine Hayes

Name: Janine Hayes
Nickname: J9
Date of Birth: 22/01/1960
Born: Melbourne
Lives: Hazelwood
No of years in sport: 31
Canopy: Parafoil 232
Event(s): Accuracy

WPC Standing

Recent Performances
• 1st Overall Accuracy Landing, 2012 APF National Championships (Toogoolawah, Australia)
• 42 POPS Record Relative Work, Perris Valley 2012
• 54 Sequential Record Relative Work, Perris Valley 2012

Career Highlights
• Wearing an Australian Team Tracksuit for the first time
• Winning the Overall Accuracy title 2012 at the Australian National Accuracy Championships
• Being part of an 81-way jump, a record which lasted for 11 years
• Setting the first Women’s POPS Record at the first Skysisters event
• Setting current Australian Records in Perris Valley in 2012

Interesting Facts
Janine says skydiving has allowed her to see the world and make lasting friendships within Australia and across the globe.
It has taught her life’s lessons of love, loss and gain and has been the one constant in her life in a world of change.

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
To achieve an average score of under 3cm

Years on Australian Parachute Team

Primary Training Base
Victoria, Australia

Skydiving Club
Aerial Skydives

Leongatha Primary School

Leongatha and Morwell High Schools

Welfare Studies – GIAE (Monash University Gippsland)
Diploma Tourism – GippsTAFE Morwell