Vertical Formation Skydiving (VFS)

Jenny Gordon

Jenny Gordon

Fast Facts
Name: Jenny Gordon
Nickname: Special J
Date of Birth: 18/05/1980
Age at WPC: 32
Born: Manly, Sydney
Lives: Dutton Park, Brisbane
No. years in sport: 4
Canopy: Katana 120
Team: The Addicted
Position: Alternate
Event(s): 4-Way VFS

WPC Standing

Recent Performances
• 2012 Nationals – Gold Medalist – Intermediate VFS
• 2012 Nationals – Gold Medalist – Open VFS (Alternate)

Career Highlights
• 33-way head down Australian Record (December 2011)
• Scoring all 1’s in the Elsinore Big-Way warm up camp (preparation for World Record during Summerfest 2012)

Interesting Facts
Jenny has a special interest in bigway head down formation jumps. Earlier this year she participated in her biggest vertical formation skydive to date - an 85-way over in the US!

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
Support the team on and off the field.

Years on Australian Parachute Team

Primary Training Base
Sydney, Australia

Skydiving Club
Sydney Skydivers

St Lukes Grammar School

Queenwood School

Bachelor of Computer Science and Technology – University of Sydney