Formation Skydiving (FS) 8 way

Troy Crotty

Troy Crotty

Fast Facts
Name: Troy Crotty
Date of Birth: 27/04/1972
Age at WPC: 40
Born: Australia
Lives: Ashfield NSW
No. years in sport: 5
Canopy: Samurai 120
Team: Velocita
Event(s): 8 way

WPC Standing

Recent Performances
1st place, FS 8-way open, Australian National Championships, 2012

Career Highlights
Winning the FS 8-way open event at the Australian National Championships 2012

Interesting Information
Troy's first solo skydive was given to him as a Christmas present from his parents. He went on to complete AFF stages 1 and 2 but didn't return to jumping until six years later when he met a sports skydiver at his workplace who inspired him to give it another go.

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
To place 5th or 6th in the world

Years on Australian Parachute Team
1, 2012

Primary Training Base
Sydney Skydivers, Picton