Style & Accuracy Landing

Mark Edwards

Mark Edwards

Fast Facts
Name: Mark Edwards
Nickname: Eddo
Age at WPC: 37
Born: Australia
Lives: Brisbane QLD
No. years in sport: 23
Canopy: Parafoil 282, FX79
Event(s): Precision Accuracy, Style and Paraski

WPC Standing
Paraski World Championships 1995
- Style and Accuracy WPC 1996
- Paraski WPC 1997

Recent Performances
5th Accuracy Landing and 23rd Canopy Piloting - Australian National Championships 2012

Career Highlights
Setting an Australian 112-way record
- Placing 1st in open swoop and 5th in accuracy at the 1996 Australian National Championships
- Placing 10th in CP at Skydive Tahoe "Money Meet" in 2000

Interesting Facts
Mark completed his first jump when he was just 14 years of age. Since then he has completed over 5000 skydives and has gone on to achieve qualifications as an Instructor B with AFF, Static Line and Tandem endorsements. Currently he is working as a pilot for Qantas.

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
Personal best scores

Years on Australian Parachute Team

Primary Training Base

Skydiving Club
Caboolture QLD

Border Christian College - Albury NSW

Murray High School - Albury NSW

Studying Bachelor of Science - James Cook University