Canopy Formation (CF)

Richie Dronow

Richie Dronow

Name: Richie Dronow   
Nickname: Dronsa
DOB: 12/11/1982
Age at Dubai: 30
Born: Manjimup, Western Australia
Lives: Perth, Western Australia
No of years in sport: 3
Canopy: 126 Lightning
Teams: CHAPS and K4
Events: 2-way and 4-way CF sequential

Recently Performances
- 3rd CF 2-way sequential, Australian National Championships 2012, Toogoolawah SEQ
- 1st CF 4-way sequential, Australian National Championships 2012, Toogoolawah SEQ

Career Highlights
Competing at the Nationals and being offered a chance to compete with Jules McConnel, Scott Brown and Vaughan Vaughan.

Interesting Facts
With only 47 jumps to his name, Richie was lucky enough to come under the tutelage of world champion skydiver (and now fellow CF 4-way team mate) Jules McConnel, who came to York, WA to run a Canopy Relative Work (CRW) course. Within three jumps Richie managed to dock onto a nine stack to secure his CRW crest, whetting his appetite for canopy formation in the process.

Performance goals for Dubai
To improve on Nationals team average and avoid all canopy wraps.

Home Drop Zone 
Skydive Express, York, Western Australia