Canopy Formation (CF)

Jules McConnel

Jules McConnel

Fast Facts
Name: Julia McConnel
Nickname: Jules
Date of Birth: 19-07-1976
Age at WPC: 36
Born: Sydney
Lives: Moruya, NSW
No. years in sport: 17
Canopy: Daedelus Matrix Reloaded 84, PD Lightning 113
Team: Ookoonono

Events: 2-way and 4-way Sequential Canopy Formation

WPC Standing 
- 2nd 2-way Sequential Canopy Formation, 2010 WPC Menzelinsk, Russia   
- Debut 4-way Sequential Canopy Formation

Recent Performances
- 1st 2-way Sequential Canopy Formation at 2012 Australian National Championships, Toogoolawah, QLD
- 1st 4-way Sequential Canopy Formation at 2012 Australian National Championships, Toogoolawah, QLD
- 2nd 2-way Sequential Canopy Formation at 2011 Dubai Cup

Career Highlights
- Winning all six Australian National Championships 2007-2012 in 2-way Sequential Canopy Formation
- Breaking the Australian Record performance in 2-way Canopy Formation at most events – current record is 24.
- Breaking Australian record 150 skydives in a day with teammate Michael Vaughan

Interesting Facts
Jules started jumping in the Hunter Valley back in the 90s with the idea of becoming a pilot via a non-orthodox approach. Seventeen years later she still hasn’t flown a plane solo but has almost 7000 jumps! Courtesy of a former career in the Arts (Jules used to be a peformer with the Illawarra teaching and performing circus) you can often find her juggling during rounds at national and international competitions. 

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
Team best performance in 2-way and 4-way. A new Aussie record would be nice. Anything else is a bonus. 

Years on Australian Parachute Team
This will be Jules' 3rd World Championships representing Australia in 2-way CF Sequential as part of her team "Ookoonono", and her debut performance in CF 4-way with team "K4". 

Primary Training Base
Skydive Oz Surfside, Moruya, NSW

Skydiving Club
Skydive Oz

North Sydney Demonstration School, North Sydney, NSW

SCECGS Redlands, Cremorne, NSW