Canopy Piloting (CP)

Robbie McMillan

Robbie McMillan

Fast Facts 
Name: Robbie McMillan
Date of Birth: 
Age at WPC:
Lives: Wollongong NSW
No. years in sport: 
Event(s): Canopy Piloting

WPC Standing 
Experienced competitor. 

Recent Performances
• 9th Overall – 2012 APF National Championships (Sydney, Australia)

Career Highlights
4th Overall - 2nd World Championships Canopy Piloting, Pretoria, South Africa
• 4th Overall - 1st World Games, Taipei Canopy Piloting, 2009
• 3rd (Accuracy) and 8th (Overall) - 3rd World Championships Canopy Piloting, Kolumna, Russia

Interesting Facts
Robert started skydiving in 1990 and has accumulated over 14,000 jumps. He has been a skydiving instructor since 1993 and has represented Australia at 14 FAI First Class events, including World Championship, World Cup, World Air Games, and World Games events. He holds a fixed wing license (150 hours) and hang-gliding and paragliding (150+ hours) licenses. 

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
• To place in the top three in Canopy Piloting
• To set a new Aussie Distance Record
• To be the top placed Aussie in order to attend the next World Games, Columbia 2013

Years on Australian Parachute Team
18 (since 1995)

Primary Training Base 

Funny Farm, Outback Queensland

Skydiving Club
Skydive the Beach Byron Bay


St Joesphs, Portland


Casula High School

Bachelor of Science Degree, Majoring in Genetics and Microbiology
Diploma of Education, Macquarie University, Sydney Australia.1994.