Formation Skydiving (FS) 8 way

Scott Neander

Scott Neander

Fast Facts
Name: Scott Neander
Nickname: Spud
Date of Birth: 14/10/68
Age at WPC: 44
Born: Australia
Lives: Sydney
No. years in sport: 9
Canopy: Sabre 2 135
Team: Velocita
Event(s): FS 8-Way (Camera)

WPC Standing

Recent Performances
1st place: FS 8-way Open, 2012 Australian National Championships

Career Highlights
- 1st: FS 8-way Open at 2012 Australian National Championships, Toogoolawah QLD
- 1st: FS 8-way Open at 2011 Australian National Championships, Picton NSW
- Australian record for most points achieved by an FS 8-way Intermediate team: "Stray Cats" 15 point jump, 2007 Australian National Championships, Picton NSW

Interesting Facts
Scott's quick thinking helped his team avert potential disaster 14,000 ft above the ground! Whilst waiting on the camera step for his team to set up for exit outside the plane, Scott noticed parachute lines in his periphial vision. To his horror he saw that the canopy bag belonging to the skydiver in the rear float position had fallen out of its container and was bouncing around near the tail of the plane (a horseshoe-in-toe scenario). He immediately pulled the skydiver off the plane to prevent its enganglement with the tail, much to the gratitude of the affected skydiver who had been oblivious to the situation. 

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
To deliver perfect footage

Years on Australian Parachute Team
1, 2012

Primary Training Base
Sydney Skydivers, Picton

Skydiving Club
Sydney Skydivers, Picton

Carpenter and Joiner - Cert IV Building, Cert IV Project Management