Formation Skydiving (FS) 8 way

Laurence Garceau

Laurence Garceau

Fast Facts
Name: Laurence Garceau
Nickname: LG
Age at WPC: 35
Born: France
Lives: Australia
No. years in sport: 7
Canopy: Safire 2 149
Team: Velocita
Event(s): 8-way FS

WPC Standing

Recent Performances
1st in 8-way FS – 2012 Australian National Championships

Career Highlights
1st in 4-way FS Intermediate – 2008 Australian National Championships
1st in 8-way FS Open – 2012 Australian National Championships

Interesting Facts
Laurence was born in France, one of the top countries for skydiving talent, yet only took up the sport two years after she immigrated to Australia. In 2010, an instant canopy opening broke Laurence's back and a 12-month recovery program followed. In 2011, a few months after returning to the skies, she was selected for the Velocitá 8-way FS team and won the Nationals the following year. She has trained with some of the best skydivers in the world including Craig Girard, Eliana Rodriguez, Gary Beyer, Todd Hawkins (4-way FS) and Kirk Verner (8-way FS).

Performance Goal at Dubai 2012 WPC Mondial
Team average of 12 or above

Years on Australian Parachute Team
First year, 2012

Primary Training Base
Sydney Skydivers, Picton, Australia

Skydiving Club
Sydney Skydivers, Picton, Australia

International: Zaire, Papua New Guinea, Libya, France


Life Sciences, in France and Wales